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Don't Let Snoring Ruin Your Life. Get Our Chin Strap Today

Snoring Solution, Effective Snore Stopper with Comfortable Neoprene for Better Sleep (28" L X 2" W) Adjustable Stop Snoring Device for Men and Women.

Snoring Solution, Effective Snore Stopper with Comfortable Neoprene for Better Sleep (28" L X 2" W) Adjustable Stop Snoring Device for Men and Women.

"AMAZING!! The anti-snoring chin strap is super comfortable. I use it with my CPAP Machine because it allows me to wear an extremely less invasive face mask. I would say two thumbs up! "- Kevin Littlewood



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Breathable & Comfortable

This anti snore strap is made of neoprene; which keeps your face cool throughout the night; It has a chin padding that is super soft and gentle on the face

Fully Adjustable

This chin and jaw support strap features velcro ends that can easily be adjusted to your comfort level; It fits most head sizes; making it suitable for both men and women

Easy To Clean

Our adjustable chin strap is easy to care for; Just wash with soap and water; air dry; fold and store; This can be used for a long time when cared for properly

Stop Snoring Naturally

Our anti-snoring chin strap keeps your mouth closed while you sleep; opening your airways; This encourages breathing through the nose; eliminating mouth snoring.

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How does the anti snoring chin strap work?

While sleeping the soft tissue at the back of the throat collapses, partially blocking the passageway for snorers. Air passing through the restricted airway causes vibrations which is snoring. Our product supports the lower jaw when you are sleeping, it keeps the airways open and unrestricted eliminating vibrations and thus no snoring.

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How To Use Anti Snoring Chin Strap

Place center of the strap on your chin as you hold the two ends of the strap.

Wrap the chin strap around your head to strap it on the top of your head

Make sure ears fit in the ear hole, adjust the velcro strap as needed to get the perfect fit.

30 days money back warranty

A 30 Days Money Back Warranty on Snowy Egret gives customers peace of mind when making a purchase. If for any reason the customer is not satisfied with the product within the first 60 days, they can return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

This strong warranty demonstrates the manufacturer's confidence in the quality and performance of their product, ensuring a risk-free investment for customers.

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Customer Reviews

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It's very comfortable and does what it says it does. It's even more comfortable when the strap is lined with tissue paper where the chin area makes contact with the strap.

It works!

I am visiting in Florida. I’m keeping the whole house awake with my snoring.
I purchased this chin strap and wore it last night. It greatly reduced my snoring from a freight train roar to just a subtle sound. It didn’t completely stop it, but it really did lessen the intensity (and my embarrassment) a great deal. I recommend!

Matt Zimmerman
Great Chin Strap

This is the best chin strap I've used to date. I love that it's neoprene all the way around instead of having rigid fabric.at the bottom. The ear cut outs are nice too.

Patty Perrigo
Comfortable chin strap

i purchased this chin strap to use with the CPAP machine. It is very well made, and comfortable to wear. It is a definite improvement over the previous ones I have tried. The customer service was very responsive, making sure I was happy with the!product. Highly recommend.

Drew Anthony
Best Chin Strap Out There

This chin strap is the most comfortable one I've used so far. I've tried three different straps prior to this and they are usually uncomfortable in either the material or fit. This chin strap exceeded expectations in both areas.

frequently asked questions

No it is not. The part of the strap that goes around your chin is slightly thicker than the rest of the strap but is made of the same Neoprene material. It is soft and comfortable.

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