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Snowy Egret

Anti Snoring Nose Clip with Case - Soft Magnetic Anti Snoring Devices for Men & Women

Anti Snoring Nose Clip with Case - Soft Magnetic Anti Snoring Devices for Men & Women

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  • Effective For Mild To Moderate Snoring - Enjoy quiet nights with this snore stopper nose clip. It helps gently open nasal passages for better airflow and prevents airway collapse that causes snoring.
  • Stay Comfy As You Rest - Made from soft and flexible silicone, this anti snore device won't hurt your nose or feel unpleasant. It slips into your nostrils regardless of your nose's shape or size.
  • Safe & With No Side Effects - The high-quality silicone used for this magnetic stop snoring anti-snoring nose clip is generally safe for use and won't cause itching or irritation when worn.
  • Easy To Clean - Cleaning this anti snore device sleep aid is a breeze. Simply rinse it with clean water, dry it with a towel, and it's ready to be used again. No detergent or hard scrubbing is necessary.
  • Superb Value Pack - The set includes 4 pieces of effective and high-quality anti-snore nose clips with magnets. There's also a transparent case for storing the nose clips when not in use.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
This works!

No more drugs! Works amazing!

Catherine Downing
Don't wait another minute...

My husband's snoring was depriving me sleep and I had tried everything. I was using silicone earplugs when a friend mentioned they had been using the Snowy Egret nose clip and were pleased with the results.
IT WAS A GAMECHANGER!! We could not believe the difference! I was finally able to sleep and hubs wasn't getting poked in the ribs all night. This has improved my sleep by 85%, which is a huge improvement from no sleep at all!
It works so well that I can even tell if he forgot to wear it or it has fallen out during the night. One quick " Hun, did you forget to put on your nose clip?" and problem solved. Back to my dreams...Thank you Snowy Egret!

Highly recommended!

I can't remember when was the last time I had a good night sleep, until I used this anti-snoring device. It's a high quality product and very safe to use. It opens your nasal passages to get better air and prevents you from airway collapse, that is why my snoring was close to none according to my wife. and she also had a good sleep since I started using it. because he doesn't here the snoring sound anymore just like before. We wake up in the morning feeling well rested. What a great product to have for those who have snoring problems.

Patricia Owens
Gave me a great nights sleep

I was having trouble sleeping until I tried this device. It worked great to give me a good nights sleep, woke refreshed and feeling good. It was comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Flocking A Tweeties
This helps me SLEEP

I really like this product. Many manufacturers and sellers have a tendency to overstate the benefits. However, that is not the case this time because this product really worked for me. I have to give it my highest recommendation. Five stars!